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As ship chandler, we endeavor to provide complete logistical support to ships calling at all ports in UAE to make work and life on board more comfortable. Our aim is to source products in such a way as to ensure that we can supply to our customers at an affordable cost structure, without compromising on quality. We have a wide ranging inventory of marine store items, managed by trained and experienced staff using the latest technology, and offer cutting edge services to our customers. Whether it is provisions for diverse world cuisines, engine, deck, cabin and electrical stores ranging from cables to mooring ropes to nails to lubricants and wires; bond and private stores – at Sterling, we ensure that it is available to our customers when they want it. We take special care to maintain quality of goods, especially perishable items, in our warehouses and during transportation, using refrigeration, insulation and careful packaging.

Supply of all items to ships calling ports of UAE

Provision, Engine, Deck, Cabin, Electrical, Safety, Medicine, Ship Spares Logistics, Bonded & Private Stores, Cost Plus Contract


Our provision stock features a vast array of frozen meats, fish, dairy, tinned & dried and chilled foods, drinks, fresh and frozen vegetables – all sourced from reputable suppliers and all meticulously stored and transferred at the right temperatures – for deliveries on time, each and every time.


We have an extensive array of engine consumables with items that range from electrical spares, to core instruments, hoses and Pneumatic tools – each of which have been sourced from diligently researched manufacturers and wholesalers.


We maintain stock of a wide range of consumables including ropes, safety valves, links, chains and anything you may require. All equipment complies with the demanding industry safety standards.


For a well-maintained cabin, and for a ship that’s home to a healthy crew, we can supply any item required for cleaning, catering, maintenance, stationery and even personal requirement for crew. We also provide cloth and linen items, hygiene products, everyday plates and spoons to complex kitchen equipment.


We are able to supply an extensive range of marine electrical products and supplies from stock – fuses, marine cables, battery chargers & inverters, lamps, LED lighting, fluorescent deck lights etc – all sourced from most reliable sources. Each and every item that we supply, from a singular plug to a comprehensive digital multi-meter, meets demanding manufacturing and safety standards.


Our inventory management ensures that our stock levels of safety equipment and products guarantee all last minute orders can be fulfilled – with the items required for uncompromising standards of safety. We are a one stop solution for all your safety equipment needs – from couplings, fire blankets, gangways to bulwark ladders.


We have access to a wide range of categories of medical supplies and we provide total medical and pharmaceutical solutions and guarantee cost effective delivery.

  • Medical consumables (bandages and medicines)
  • First aid supplies
  • Dental supplies
  • Glucose monitor, sterilizers, instrument trays, thermometer, etc.
  • Hospital furniture (wheelchair, beds, stretchers etc.)

Ship Spares Logistics

We offer our clients (ship owners and management companies) a “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares. We fully understand the nature of such requirements and we go an extra mile to deliver on TIME at a reasonable COST. Clients will have full visibility on the spares in transit for planning purpose.

Bonded & Private Stores

Bonded Stores :We supply a broad range of bonded stores: perfumes, cosmetics, all kinds of chocolates, cigarettes, tobacco and cigars, clothing, travelling products and anything you may require.

Private Stores :The ship crew can take advantage of latest offers from major brands of Mobile Phones, Home Appliances, IT Products, Telecommunication, Office Automation and Consumer Electronics. We will offer you the best deal from ALL brands. Guarantee the crew will shop!!! You can download the items list from our website.

Cost plus Contract

We are flexible and go the extra mile to offer our customers the choice of working with us on a ‘cost plus’ system, within the business framework of contracted supply. Here you can outsource your purchases, and we will handle inventory control, and also offer comprehensive stock visibility. With this method, the customer has a choice: 1) purchase on a cost plus profit basis or 2) on the basis of a preset monthly price.

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