General Trading

Offering solution with speed and reliability

We believe in building a long-term relationship with our clients, and we are deeply committed to providing quality products to various industries in the UAE. Thanks to our aggressive import and sourcing strategies, we are able to deliver premium supplies to our customers at non-premium prices. Prompt delivery, quality products, and personalized service, is how we achieve our goal of exceeding customer expectations. Our employees are individually selected for their expertise in the field, their commitment and skills. With an experienced leader at the top of the organizational chart, each department functions like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly working to meet customer requirements within the desired timeframes.

Food Services

Sterling is known for quality food stuff and our logistics structure ensures consistently stocked storerooms – and deliveries of foodstuffs in industry-leading timescales. Amongst our food service capabilities are poultry, meat, vegetables, dairy and dry foodstuff – yet our flexibility ensures that whatever your supply chain requirements, we’re able to adeptly fulfill them. We ensure high quality standards.

Hygiene Products

We meet international hygiene control requirements – and our products span every major hygiene category in demand by the market, including fly killers, paper products, dispensers and general hygiene products. With a leading selection of products of highest quality, we offer the sharpest of price points with an unrivaled service excellence.

Consolidation & Distribution

We have strategically located warehouse in DIP- Jebel Ali. We offer service & value to our customers by providing tailor made solution for procurement, consolidation, storage and distribution to their specific requirements. Our relationships with domestic truck, sea and air carriers give us the leverage to negotiate better rates on your behalf. We will provide solutions to big and small requirements.

Insulations & Packaging

We’ve scoured the market for Insulation & Packaging wholesalers who commit to the same unrelenting exceptions of product quality as we do; and from tape, to wrap and onto stretch films and clips – each last product we stock meets these standards that lead the way within the industry. Our experienced staff ensures all products are stored and supplied to the very highest standards.

Cost plus Contract

We are flexible and go the extra mile to offer our customers the choice of working with us on a ‘cost plus’ system, within the business framework of contracted supply. Here you can outsource your purchases, and we will handle inventory control, and also offer comprehensive stock visibility. With this method, the customer has a choice: 1) purchase on a cost plus profit basis or 2) on the basis of a preset monthly price.

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